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We are a small but select Kennels based in Poteau Okalahoma, as you wander through our site you will understand how special our dogs are to us. Below is a slider with a selection of pictures taken from time to time of some of our babies. If you would particularly like to view a larger version of a picture, just click on it in the slider, a new larger version will open for you. There is a page for each of our show and breeding dogs, please visit each of them as they are depicted in settings that suit their individual personalities.


Just to tell you a little bit about us, we live in a small Oklahoma town known for having the worlds highest hills. We have been breeding dogs on a very small scale for over twenty years. Twenty years, ago we started our breeding program with 3 Yorkies and 4 Toy Poodles, and at that time had not thought about raising Maltese. We were very happy with the breeds we had chosen, but as the years past, we read, studied, went to Dog Shows, and found the Maltese. However, having 4 children, we decided that we didn't have time to share our lives with another breed, or the time to do the research that we knew it would take. As the children grew up and left the nest, I was ready for a change. I will always have a special place in my heart for the breed that gave us our start in dogs. However, as the dogs grew old, the children grew up and left home, and my husband and I got older, I knew that it was time to start with our beloved Maltese or give up breeding all together. Now, I'm not saying the world needed another Maltese Breeder, but I had fallen in love and was not ready to give up the world of dogs. I wasn't that old yet and I was very lucky to have found 2 females and a wonderful little male. And this was the start of Sandy's Maltese. If you would like to more know about our puppies and their availabilty. Visit our Prima Donna Puppies on their own page.



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About The Maltese
by Julie Maltese Girl
Where do they come from? Well some say The Maltese is a member of the bichon family, (This is hotly disputed) and is one of the oldest European breeds. Maltese originate from the Mediteraneun. One thing is certain their history dates back to about 1500 BC. They held a prominent place in Egyptian culture around 300-600 BC, where they were virtually worshipped as members of the Egyptian royal families. The maltese popularity rose during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, as a companion to the women of the royal court. Throughout the years, the Maltese has been known by a number of names - 'Melitae Dog', 'Ye Ancient Dog of Malta', 'The Roman Ladies' Dog', 'The Shock Dog', 'The Maltese Lion Dog', and 'The Maltese Terrier'.
What do they look like?
The Maltese's most identifiable feature is its long, silky white hair. Belonging to the toy group of dogs, Maltese adults weigh between four and six pounds, and grow up to ten inches tall. Life span: 9-13 years Litter size: 2-4 Would you suit a Maltese?
Not if you're not prepared to put in the work required by this breed - the Maltese needs extensive coat care (shampooing once a week, and daily brushing is preferable but brushing at least twice a week is essential). While this may sound too much, the grooming can be a very enjoyable time, you and your little pet will develop very strong bonding during grooming. They look forward to this time and consider it a treat. Mine line up for their turn to be groomed and watch eagerly as the others are being groomed. Should you not want to have your Maltese pets coat long, then you could get a reputable groomer to give it a "Puppy Cut", this style is very cute and pretty with the added bonus of being easy care.
Despite their small size, the Maltese have the energy and loyalty to become an excellent companion. Loyalty is very strong to the Maltese and sometimes they will treat strangers with great suspicion and aloofness. Maltese are ideal pets for the elderly, but don't really get along with young children or other pets. Having said this there is always the exception to break the rule. You may have a Maltese who just loves young children and other pets, but don't count on it. Understanding this strong loyalty in the Maltese Sandy has endevoured with all puppies to socialise them. SANDY'S COMMENT( As We have been blessed with seven grandchildren. When we don't have them around, We have what we call our rent a child, who comes and plays with the puppies. We feel this is very important to the development of the puppies. They are exposed to all kinds of household noises and we try to get them used to anything that they will encounter at their new homes. We are always preparing them for the time that they will leave us and start their new lives).
They're intelligent and easy to train, but can be very strong willed. Maltese are well suited to apartment living, and indoor activity will be enough for exercise (although they'll enjoy a walk or a run in the yard). They're a highly desired and sought-after breed for a few reasons - they don't shed (making them ideal pets for families with allergies and asthma), they don't smell, they're devoted companions and charming pets to have full of the joys of living and loving.
Tear staining. Some Maltese have some tear staining, sponging daily or more often when bad with tepid water to keep the eye area clean will help greatly, the staining is not the tears but the bacteria that will grow if the area is not kept clean. However if you would like to know more about tear staining there is an article written by a wonderful Maltese lady. What she says is very wise and authorative.
Tear Staining


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