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Prima Donna Puppies

We look on all of our puppies as
Prima Donnas inwaiting. Beautiful babies with wonderful promise of things to come. Some times this may be in the Show ring and some times for the wonderful pets and companions they will be to their new owners.

If you would like to have one of our
Prima Donna Puppies
please e-mail me.

Our Goal is always! To produce the best pet puppy we can,
as close to the AKC standards as possible, but never giving up the ideas of a healthy happy puppy. We always want our puppies to be someone's baby first and foremost. All our puppies are sold on a spey and neuter contract, although from time to time, we will give breeding rights to someone who proves to us that they are breeding for the right reasons. We do this because, a long time ago, some one took a chance on us and we hope that we have never let them down. Our dogs are more often called babies grown up under foot until they are ready to go to their new homes. This is sometimes hard, as we get very involved. Our mothers are very spoiled and we do most of the work for them. My children and now my grandchildren all know they take a back seat to Grandma and Grandpas dogs, and this is what we try and tell everyone who would like to be a breeder. The fur babies must always come first. We have been blessed with seven grandchildren. When we don't have them around, We have what we call our rent a child, who comes and plays with the puppies. We feel this is very important to the development of the puppies. They are exposed to all kinds of household noises and we try to get them used to anything that they will encounter at their new homes. We are always preparing them for the time that they will leave us and start there new lives.
As we tell anyone buying a puppy from us,
We Are Your Puppies Beginning and its Past.
You are its Future.
We entrust its life in your hands
and we have given it the best start in life that we can.
We ask that you give it the life that it deserves
and if at anytime this is not possible
your puppy can always come back home.

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Sandy Carbrey

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